WOOLVS, 2017. Self portrait.

WOOLVS, 2017. Self portrait.

Caff Adeus is a visual artist, working in photography, installation, sculpture and performance art, currently living and working in Philadelphia. In his past work, Adeus combined his love of baroque sculptures with contemporary ballet to create sculptural portraits of dancers that blur the lines between fine art, portraiture, and fashion photography.

“The body is a complex vehicle for a variety of emotions and messages, and I use the curves, texture, scars, and movement of the human body to paint pictures that reconcile my past experiences.” -Adeus

His current and upcoming works are layered and ubiquitous in their execution, and examine duality, technology, constructs, human habits, and human environmental impact, using sculpture, installation, photography and performances.


Group Exhibition, Fifty Dots Gallery. Barcelona, Spain - 2019

Group Exhibition, CLB Gallery. Berlin, Germany - 2019

Solo Exhibition, ‘Magic Eye’, Open Space Gallery - PHL - 2018

Solo Exhibition, ‘WOOLVS’, Performance Garage - PHL - 2017

Solo Exhibition, ‘WOOLVS’, Unit (A) Pop Up Gallery - PHL - 2017

Solo Exhibition, ‘WOOLVS’, Neighborhood House - PHL - 2017

Solo Exhibition, ‘Satellites’, Glass Factory - PHL - 2016

Solo Exhibition, ‘Forbidden Fruit’, Meadowsweet - PHL - 2016


Independent Photographer Magazine, Black and White Competition, 3rd Place - 2018

International PhotogrVphy Grant, Body Competition, 2nd Place - 2017


Contemporary dance performance, WOOLVS, Neighborhood House - PHL -2017