Drawing and painting always came natural to me, and I was good at both, but I didn’t really have the patience for either. Whenever I got a cut or scratch playing outside, I would run and ask my mom for a band-aid. Less than an hour later I would peel the bandage back, peak at the cut, and ask my mom why it hadn't healed yet? That's why I prefer to be an artist who is also a photographer, because I can paint a masterpiece in 1/125 of a second. Light and dance occur in the blink of an eye, which explains my love of both, and why I choose to use them both to express my ideas.



I like to call myself a conceptual fine art photographer because it sounds fancy. It's the only way I can separate myself and get people to recognize my artistic abilities outside of photography. I attended NYU Tisch School of Arts and I am based in Philadelphia. Most of my work is usually autobiographical, but aesthetically, it's often influenced by the beautiful and majestic baroque sculpting techniques that I discovered while studying in Italy. I’ve built a very unique portfolio by mixing elements of different forms of art, bridging the gap with contemporary ballet dancers and performance artists to tell stories beyond conventional beauty and the predictability of movement.




Neighborhood House, Philadelphia, PA, Woolvs, November 2017

UNIT A Gallery, Philadelphia, PA, Woolvs, October 2017

Performance Garage, Philadelphia, PA, Woolvs, September 2017

Meadowsweet, Philadelphia, PA, Forbidden Fruit, February 2017


Studio CVFFVDEUS, Philadelphia, PA, Satellites, November-December 2016





Neighborhood House, Philadelphia, PA, Woolvs, November 2017