I spend the majority of my life in my studio, half creating, half brooding and wallowing in existential dread, most likely with a bottle of scotch not too far from my reach. My work is often dark in it's subject matter and tends to transport viewers to my somewhat surreal, often isolated, and tangled existence. Here I truly get a chance to reconcile my past, and put my thoughts and desires on display artistically. I'm unapologetically honest in life and in my work, which as an artist is a valuable attribute, because that vulnerability and boldness to say, ‘these are my flaws, love me or fuck off’, not only makes art possible, but it also makes what I create more relatable.

I love the chase and elusiveness of dance photography. I dabble in other forms of art and self expression, but photography became my medium of choice simply because I lack patience. With photography I can paint a masterpiece in 1/125 of a second or even faster with flash. In dance the action is fast and challenging, so the reward of a great capture is magnified. Capturing dancers involves the immediate. The dancer’s pose, technique, raw strength, athleticism, and beauty are all what you see and understand in the moment. But what I try to do as an artist is take these moments in time to another level, beyond beauty and movement. The more moving parts an image has, the better. Aesthetically, my dance work tends to be clean and smooth, yet raw and powerful.

Going forward I intend to create more work using dancers and surreal elements to tell stories that ultimately contribute to my atonement.



Neighborhood House, Philadelphia, PA, Woolvs, November 2017

UNIT A Gallery, Philadelphia, PA, Woolvs, October 2017

Performance Garage, Philadelphia, PA, Woolvs, September 2017

Meadowsweet, Philadelphia, PA, Forbidden Fruit, February 2017


Studio CVFFVDEUS, Philadelphia, PA, Satellites, November-December 2016



Neighborhood House, Philadelphia, PA, Woolvs, November 2017


2018 - Magic Eye

2018 - Hush Hour

2017 - Woolvs

2017 - Forbidden Fruit

2016 - Satellites

Caff Adeus currently lives and works in Philadelphia as an artist, dance photographer, and art director.