Photography is the medium that stuck because as I got older I lost the patience for drawing, painting, and similar forms of artistic expression. Drawing came natural for me. I feel like I hopped out the womb with a pencil in my hand. The mental picture of that is cringeworthy. But with drawing or painting you really have to have the patience to sit down and sketch human features. It's not something I cared to develop. Hands and feet were never my speciality. With photography I can capture what I want to express in an instant, just by verbalizing it.

Capturing dancers revolves around the immediate, which is the reality of it all. The dancer’s pose, the dancer’s technique, the dancer’s raw strength and athleticism, are all part of what you see and understand immediately. But what I try to do as an artist is give just a touch of something extra, beyond beauty and movement. The clean, minimalistic and baroque inspired elements in my work is what I think my viewers love.

The personal work that I create is much darker and often transports viewers to a more abstract, surreal place. This is when I truly get a chance to put my thoughts on display artistically, and as you may have gathered from my work, I'm kind of a mess. I'm unapologetically honest, which as an artist is a valuable attribute, because that vulnerability and boldness to say, "these are my flaws, love me or fuck off" not only makes art possible, but it also makes it relatable.



Neighborhood House, Philadelphia, PA, Woolvs, November 2017

UNIT A Gallery, Philadelphia, PA, Woolvs, October 2017

Performance Garage, Philadelphia, PA, Woolvs, September 2017

Meadowsweet, Philadelphia, PA, Forbidden Fruit, February 2017


Studio CVFFVDEUS, Philadelphia, PA, Satellites, November-December 2016



Neighborhood House, Philadelphia, PA, Woolvs, November 2017



2017 - Woolvs

2017 - Forbidden Fruit

2016 - Satellites