In this disorienting display of colorful camouflage and over-saturated solids, Caff Adeus treats his viewers to a myriad of scenes and topics, both lighthearted and emotional, along with some completely random objects, and human-like shapes that Adeus refers to as his “ghosts”, hidden within the fabric.


From his DTLA hotel room, Caff Adeus captures a kind of muted monotony and milling about far below. The shadows created by the sunlight playing peek-a-boo between the buildings creates scenes of solitude and isolation, in which the artist finds comfort.


In his most dynamic and thought-provoking exhibition to date, Caff Adeus sheds light on his own inner turmoil by warping reality to visually depict the manifestation of stress, doubts, insecurities, depression, trauma, anxiety, and the like, and how all of these things silently push and bend us from within.


In a departure from the traditional narrative of the mythical tree of knowledge, Caff Adeus presents a powerful commentary in his series, Forbidden Fruit.


The images used for Satellites were inspired by the choreography from the KCBC performance of Moon Phases. In this photographic interpretation, each person represents a natural satellite, similar to our moon and other moons of different planets in our solar system.