Dolls + Sculptures

Jessica Barbierian Doll


1 of 1 Barbierian doll from the ‘Barbierian’ exhibition and photo series. Doll is displayed and comes in handmade polycarbonate case with stand. Materials used on doll: recycled polyvinyl chloride, cyanoacrylate, synthetic and human hair, coconut oil. 

  • Doll 12” tall

  • Case 5.5” x 12.5” x 3”

Barbierian, pronounced just like barbarian, is a collection of photographs targeting the discussion surrounding women’s body hair and beauty standards. Aesthetically, the series is presented in a way that I hope gets the overall point across, but diving further, I approached the concept with the intention of creating a vehicle to recondition society at the early childhood level. I was able to achieve this theory through the use of a very old, very familiar toy: the barbie doll.”

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