MAGIC EYE - 2018

In order to show his versatility as an artist, Caff Adeus wanted to put the camera down and spend more time constructing, shaping and molding ideas in real time, which is a complete 180 from his previous collections, where he merely directed participants with verbal cues. Surrealism, photo manipulation and misdirection are key elements in his work, and after many long whisky-fueled nights of brainstorming, he committed to the idea of creating something semi-abstract, using various textiles, as well as cheap household and office materials. In this disorienting display of colorful camouflage and over-saturated solids, Caff Adeus treats his viewers to a myriad of scenes and topics, both lighthearted and emotional, along with some completely random objects, and human-like shapes that Adeus refers to as his “ghosts”, hidden within the fabric.


Adeus chose to give viewers just enough information to evoke the unconscious, but ultimately strip away any distractions that may prevent the imagination from creating it’s own unique narrative. Hiding the gender, ethnicity, age, and/or physical ability, of whom or what he photographed, eliminates biases based on the aforementioned. Albeit some of the shapes viewers see may lead to thoughts of a covered human entity, that may not be the case with this series. As mentioned before, Adeus loves to challenge his viewers, so what you’re seeing could very well be a person or just random materials fashioned to look like a body. Given the abstract nature of the photos, he chose not to title any of the images, allowing viewers to organically find the meaning, instead of being handed the subject matter. Each photo is instead given the number generated upon it’s capture.