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WOOLVS: Photo exhibition and performanceS

The underlying element in Adeus’ current work and thinking invites a discussion about the many disorders and deeply rooted emotional factors that affect how we feel and behave in our daily lives. Although surreal in it’s execution, Woolvs summons a collective reality in which anxiety, trauma, stress, and even death, largely looms. 

Theoretically, the collection of photographs in the exhibition are a fictional depiction of suppressed emotions underneath the surface forcefully pushing their way out. By collaborating with choreographer Kimberly Landle, Adeus is able to take it a step further for this series of performances, where the aerialists and dancers represent the neurological battle taking place inside the brain during these extreme highs and lows.

November 4 @ Neighborhood House. Purchase tickets here.



Woolvs exhibition currently on display at Unit A Gallery from October 1 - 31, 2017. Please check the gallery hours available below before planning your visit.

  • Mon - Tues: 12-5pm
  • Thurs - Sat: 12-5pm
  • Sun & Wed: Closed



Woolvs will be on display at the Performance Garage September 18 through September 30. For hours of operation, visit

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Fringe FEstivaL

The Klassic Contemporary Ballet Company and Studio CVFFVDEUS will be making their Fringe Arts Festival debut with three new pieces performed by KCBC and the students of KCBC2, choreographed by Kimberly D. Landle. Alongside these performances, Caff Adeus will be presenting a new photography exhibition entitled, Woolvs.

September 18 & 19, @ Performance Garage.