Screens, 2019

From sun up to sun down, our eyes bounce from device to device. Screen to screen. Square black mirrors, varying in sizes, that display our thoughts, secrets, hopes, dreams, desires, nightmares, and reflections. This exhibits examines the impact technology has on our reality, and mankind’s transition from appreciating life as it happens to cherishing digital memories.

My path to presenting this concept artistically began with my own realization of how many screens I look at per day and how little reality I live in between devices. The very second I wake up, there’s a brief appreciation of the morning sunlight as it spills through my window. I sometimes hear birds or most likely just the hustle and bustle on the street below. This all happens in about 30 seconds. Then I roll over to find my first screen of the day. This continues as my day goes on and the patterns vary but it mostly looks like this:


This was the catalyst of the initial concept presented in the exhibit using nine pieces of black acrylic. The shapes are meant to represent the common dimensions of the devices we all use. iPhone, laptop, desktop, tv, etc. 

By taking a deeper look into my footprint, my usage, and my habits, I began to see the data as art. Over a 24 hour period or just a brief moment spanning an hour or two, I was able to see between the bars and glimpse the fleeting moments of reality playing out in the gaps. Each day formed a different pattern. These patterns represent my day and my habits, therefore, you see how data becomes art, and art once again becomes data in a form that resembles a barcode. Screens also features a collage of negatives. These images are meant to convey how our reality has become solely a means to our digital existence.